The Best Domain Registrars Offering $1 Domain 2018

The Best Domain Registrars Offering $1 Domain 2018

Domain registrars are those companies who allow you register the domain name for your website through their service. A Domain name is a critical part of the website as it represents the name of your business. Domain name is the unique address of your website on the internet. There are plenty of domain registrars; each of them claims to be the best service provider. So it’s a tough job to choose one.

We have done the research part for you and have created a list of best Domain Registrars for 2018.


This is, unarguably, the most recommended domain name provider. They provide a domain name with considerably economical pricing. This company have more than 7 million domains registered under their service. They have a gigantic variety of domain extensions open for sale including .org, .com, .info, .online and more. They also offer country code domain extensions like .us, .io, etc.

NameCheap’s service is worth of each of your penny. It is also one of the cheapest domain providers who offer TLDs like .cricket, .review and .webcam, etc. at as low as $0.48/domain for the whole year. The renewal may vary depending upon the extension and opted plan. They are secure, reliable and undoubtedly a valuable domain registrar with quick customer support.

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BlueHost, being one of the biggest hosting providers and recommended by WordPress as the best pick to a start a new blog, it has already become popular among users. It is well known for its economical pricing. It offers a complimentary domain name to its users with hosting plans. Hence reducing overall cost.

Bluehost has strong reputation, excellent support staff, offering customer support 24/7. So for someone looking for a domain as well as hosting provider, BlueHost is a great option.

Hosting Starts at 3.95$ per month


Talking about another excellent service provider to get a domain name is 1and1. They regularly come up with cheap and economic plans. With only $0.99 for the first year, a user can get a .com website registered. They have over 19 million domains are under their registration. Their customer support can be a little slow and disappointing at times which is a turn off for digital service.

Though, their well kept extensive help center incorporates tons of guides, informative articles, and how-to-dos. 1and1 can give you a trusted, experienced and affordable solution according to your need.


They not only have a catchy name but also offer exciting discounts and plans to its users. It is one of the prominent company that has made the TLDs extremely affordable and easily accessible. Currently, they are the largest domain registrar with 71 million domains under their assignment. There is one turn off with their way of promotion is their flashy ads hovering all over your screen.

Godaddy has worked on eye-catching promotional ideas, and it really made them reach a place not all can easily think of. Their promos show you can get a site name at merely $0.99. They also offer a bundle of extensions and freebies. Their Privacy protection feature is available at as low as $7.99/year. At GoDaddy, you can get a domain at affordable rates, but their promotional ads might annoy you.


It ranks among the biggest domain name registrars who are safe, fast and reliable. They started in 2001 and excelled in business. They have received a handful of awards for their exceptional services. They are CNET certified company. InMotion allows you to buy a domain name in only $14.99/year. There is no increase in price at the time of renewals. Moreover, They offer domain name at no extra cost if you purchase their hosting plan. They offer 90-days refund facility which means your investment is always risk-free. They have extremely helpful customer support which makes them a good pick. Though, they can be a bit costly for a few, but service is definitely worth each penny.

So, these are the best domain registrars of 2018 that are offering affordable, reliable and customer friendly services. It is important to see what your project really needs and which service providers is offering it at the best cost as well as with helpful customer support.

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